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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 15:44:49 -0400 (EDT)

>1. Do people want to allow orks as allies for Eldar?

There's no tradition of hatred between Orks and Eldar. Eldar hates Chaos (and the idea of rerolling one's in Close Combat isn't a bad one) and Squats hate Orks. Let's leave it like that.

>2. Should Tempest and titan groups be "generic" units accessed by all

Probably. I'd wanted to restrict them to craftworlds, but that apparently isn't a popular idea.

Other changes that I've included:

Vibro-Cannon: add a -3 TSM against buildings.

Tremor Cannon (titan weapon): -6 TSM vs buildings

Swooping Hawks: add Deep Strike ability

Shining Spears get a "5+ hit you before CC dice are rolled" attack, much like the Howling Banshee ability. (Personally, I don't agree with this one.)

Farseer and Warlock get 6+ Fixed Saves

Howling Banshee and Striking Scorpion get a pistol (range 25, 1 die at 5+ with 0 TSM)

Vyper drops to +1 CAF (from +3) and adds a weapon (range 15, 1 die at 5+ with 0 TSM)

War Walker adds 6+ Armor and a weapon (range 25, 3 dice at 5+ with 0 TSM)

Wraithguard drop to +2 CAF (from +4), 5+ Armor (from 6+ Fixed) and TSM -2 (from -1)

Wraithlord adds a weapon (range 25 2 dice at 5+ with 0 TSM)

Renaming the Scout, Dreadnaught, Anti-Grav Lascannon and Deathstalker to the Pathfinder, Wraithlord, Bright Lance and Fire Prism, respectively.

Question on the sparseness of the Eldar Knight army list. As it is there aren't too many things it can take as support, and I'm curious if folks (who've used it) think it should be able to draw from the entire Standard Eldar List.



*This* is why I told Peter I expected a bit of talk about Eldar. These changes have been highlighted, but never really discussed or polled. Since there's never been any objection I figure there's no problem, but I thought I should bring things up anyway.

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