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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 22:30:18 +0100

Emperor = Jervis Johnson

Primarch = Peter Ramos
[EPICentre Webmaster] Ummm.... Warmaster of course!

Grand High Chief Master Librarian = Yar

That's really all I know by Name....'Tis sad....

Librarian status is given to anyone Hosting a WebSite that has NetEpic
available for DownLoad.
(Chief Librarian should go to ???? at the EpiCentre obviously)
[EPICentre Webmaster] That would be me! Tom Webb

GrandMaster (Xenos) status would be given to anyone who substantially
started and codified an individual Army List, thusly:

[EPICentre Webmaster] Jyrki should get a mention somewhere for this, he
has done loads for Incoming! including the excellent Exotides - check
them out.
GrandMaster Xenos: Ogre -> Tzeentch666
GrandMaster Xenos: Necrons-> ...
                     (Dang! I know should know this: was it Yar..?
GrandMaster Xenos: SoB (no Clue)

TechMarine is easy: anyone who has substantially done the grunt work
of revising the Electronic Formatting would be a TechMarine. Thus:
Yar is "Grand High Chief Master Librarian: TechMarine" (The Titles
are descriptive an Additive: if you've done 'x' you can use 'y'
regardless of 'actual' 40K milieu inconsistencies)

[EPICentre Webmaster] Doug would need a mention as editor of Incoming!
for over a year.

Having Titles and Secret Organizations is _)fun(_
We should have a Secret HandShake and a Silly Walk!!
(....I have a second-hand apron....?) :P

If people Like this idea, it could be uploaded into the "files"
section as a Contact list....

....Random thoughts....

ReB T'oma
Memetic Engineer Knight Kodesh

Head Designer, Wabi-Sabi Games
"If It's Wabi-Sabi, its Shabui Sho' 'Nuff!!"

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