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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 05:32:29 +0000

All this talk of Tau Titan-class equipment, has anyone looked at the Epic: Armaggedon playtest files for the Tau?

Ground Forces

-Scorpionfish Superheavy Missile Gunship: Based on Orca hull carry huge and varied amounts of missiles to include bombardment, anti-armor, SAM, and Titan-buster classes.

-Dragonfish Command Vehicle: Another based on the Orca, this is a mobile command post for the Tau equivilent of a regimental commander. Heavily protected and armed with ion cannon, multipule burst cannons, and seeker missiles.

Air Caste Forces

-Whiteshark Strikecraft: Tigershark with drone bays removed to make it an armor and titan-buster. Twin railcannons, ion cannons, burst cannons, seeker (AT) and tracer (anti-titan/mega-weapon) missiles.

-Moray Assaultship: Dedicated heavy support ship without having to go to the extreme of calling in a Manta. Railcannons or Heavy Ion Phalanx. Burst Cannons. Missile pods. And a mix of Seeker and Tracer missiles. In a way, an Tau AC-130 Specter.

Now I know NetEpic has always strived to be distinct, but there is a quick thumbnail of what is being worked on for the Tau and what one might expect in the way of models. Just some gist of the thought-mill.

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