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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:13:35 -0400


I have warmed up to Morgans ideas (many thanks Morgan!) and have come up
with some Netepic versions for the tau units he suggested, so as to have
rules for any future models that may appear for this army.

Scorpionfish Superheavy Missile Gunship

The Tau's violent contact with imperial weaponry, especially units of
the praetorian, titan and super heavy class, have made the Tau have to
adapt some of their units with a larger amount of heavy firepower. The
orca dropship hull provided a good template for further modifications.
Sacrificing the troop transport hold the Scorpionfish uses that space
for the power requirements and ammo of the increased weapon arrays. Due
to the weight, however the Orca is no longer a flier, but a heavy
skimmer class vehicle. This specializes in engaging shielded targets
where its multiple missiles can strip those shields quickly and let
other Tau units with bigger guns take them out.

Move 20cm
Armor save 1+ (super heavy vehicle)
CAF +3
Weapons: Missile pods (2), range 50cm, attack dice 3BP's, to hit:
variable, Save modifier -1. The barrages from both pods may combine into
                Improved Smart missiles (4), range 50cm, attack dice 1,
to hit: 4+, save modifier -1
                Seeker Missiles (4), as per rules in Tau book

Abilities: Markerlights, skimmer

Support card: One model, 300 points

Dragonfish Command Vehicle

The highly adaptable Orca chassis was modified to use the troop space as
a command and control center and permit the Tau Shas' o and Shas' el to
better expend their influence and more effectively control the Tau forces.

Move 20cm
Armor save 1+ (superheavy vehicle)
CAF +5
Weapons: Heavy Ion cannon, range 100cm, attack dice 2, to hit 4+, save
modifier -2, turret
                Burst cannon (2), range 35cms, attack dice 4, to hit 4+,
save modifier 0, turrets
                Seeker missiles (2), as per Tau 5.0

Abilities: command unit, markerlights, skimmer

Special Card: One model 350 points

Whiteshark Strikecraft

The whiteshark plays a dual role as bomber and transport craft. It
excels at penetrating enemy airspace and either delivering ordinance or
troops to the heart of enemy positions. No point of the battlefield is
safe when the whiteshark prowls the skies.

Move: special
Armor save 2+
CAF +1
Weapons: Ion cannon, range 75cm, attack dice 4, to hit 4+, save modifier -2
                Burst cannon (2), range 35cms, attack dice 4, to hit 4+,
save modifier 0, turrets
                Seeker missiles (2), as per Tau 5.0

Abilities: Thruster, transport 4 drones

Support card: One model 200 points

Moray Assaultship

The availability of Tau Mantas. due to the production cost is low.
Therefore the Tau have adapted a "manta-light" ship that can be more
easily manufactured and mounts a powerful assortment of weapons to
fulfill multiple tactical roles.

Move 30cm
Armor save: hit location template (use same as manta, with any
appropriate modifications
CAF +6
Weapons: Railgun, range 100cm, attack dice 4, to hit 3+, save modifier
-4, +2 to damage table
                Burst cannon (6), range 35cms, attack dice 4, to hit 4+,
save modifier 0, turrets
                Seeker missiles (4), as per Tau rules 5.0

Abilities: praetorian, skimmer, transport 10

Special card: one model 450 points


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