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< snip good overview of the History of NetEpic Titans, and credentials
for balanced opinion >
> I would advocate that we do not add titans to the Army list. IMHO
they are not needed to balance the army. We have kept very close to
the original fluff thus far, and this would be a sidetrack to the current
> developement route for this specific list.

   Would you have as strong an objection to the development of a
Second, "alternate" Tau Force List?

   The precedent exists in the Squat Army (the Engineers Guild and the
Brotherhood: a difference I have always interpreted as akin to the
diffeence between the US Militairy and the US Civilian Population....)

I suggest this compromise because I, like Brian, will not be buying
Resin Tau in the forseeable future> I would run out and by
MechaMicroKnights this weekend if we move forward on this.

I'm not a fan of BattleTech, but I accept as viable the inclusion (and
possible conversion of) BattleTech Players and their collections: It
seems reasonable to open a door to Heavy Gear and Void players as well...

I really think This may be a way to go: It allows a strict "By the GW
Book" list to be firmly grounded in the ForgeWorld releases, but also
allows the more churlish among us to Play with Mecha in NetEpic.

(I'd be willing to go so far as to consider making a 'New' Race: a Tau
offshoot with similair History but its own Culture (eg MainLand China
vs. Tibet or Hong Kong). Similair to the Star Fleet Battles "Lyrans"
vs. "Kzinti" (if that means anything to you...) or the Next
Generation's "Romulans" vs. "Remuns" (blech!) ...)

>However, my main argument is
> that it just dosen't feel right. It removes the uniqueness from the TAU,
> and makes it just another armylist.

Respectfully: I disagree.
    The current concensus IMO is that Yes, you are Right: -Tau do _not
need_ Titans. That having been established, the shift has (IMO) been
to a discussion of "mini-Knights" (actually Largish Crisis suits) and
TransistorTitans (actually closer to the Current Eldar and Imperial
Knights, possibly drifting upwards as large as a WarHound, but: No

This would give them a Unique Character, unprecedented in the whole of
NetEpic....unless one plays a lot of Knights I suppose...

> I think we should rather cultivate
> the difrences and try to make each and every army stand out from the
> others in as many ways as possible. Yet striving to make things as
> balanced as possible.

I am of the opinion that by essentially creating a 'new' unit type
(Micro-Mecha Knight) we are indeed preserving the Character and Spirit
of the 40K precedent: The Crisis suits are one of the More
distinctive elements of the Tau, yes?
> So if I could give a suggestion on what I would like to see happen
with the TAU is to give the race the same victory point conditions as
the Tyrranids. This is based on the GW fluff, where TAU don't fight a
> to gain land, but rather viewe the whole affair as a grand hunt.

I think this idea has a lot of merit: something to consider, surely!

> Opinions?

Yes: Quite a Few :>

> Just my 2 kroner
> Nils
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> The only real point under real debate (AFAICT) is :
> "How do we design a Tau army which would be useable by the General
> NetEpic player"?
> The Main Points to consider so far as I see them :
> 1) NetEpic is a game of Mass Combat, whereas E:A is almost (if not
> actually) a skirmish level system. A large E:A force (based on what I
> have seen being played) would be about 1K points in NetEpic (your
> observations may vary). GW?s current Pricing reflects this: EA
> armies are smaller than some of my existing 40K armies! (OK, I?m an
> extreme example, but it?s still a valid point).
> 2) availability of new units : release sgchedules (E:3rd ed....need I
> say more?)
> 3) GW Canon : It exists: we should use it.
> 4) extreme fragility and excesive cost of Resin : its a problem.
> Any other real substantial points.....?
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