[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision Issue: Titans

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 10:34:38 -0800

The points you make are very good. But have you ever thought about

A titan on First Fire does not move. The titan is as big as a building.
(A skiny, wavering building in the case of Eldar)
How can your weapon even fail to hit? Think about it.

Why should you even roll the dice? Why should you roll scatter on a
titan template? Why not simply say "I aimed at your head, your
automaticly hit." Really, why not?

I think the answer is this:

Even though we roll the die to see if the weapon hits, those missed
shots do not just vanish into the Warp. Yes, some miss the titan
completly, landing on the battlefield somewhere. But, other shots do
not miss. They simply hit strong parts of the armor and do no real
damage. Or, they hit and damage a non-critical system. Maybe they hit
an important system, but it has a redundant backup. Shots that miss,
often really do hit the target, they just don't do enough damage.

Now, as vehicles get smaller, the chance to miss gets higher. Smaller
vehicles have less armor, they rely more on thier speed and small
profile to avoid getting hit in the first place. The same principle
holds true for any other unit in the game.

I think that all this weapons fire (including a lot the missed shots)
combines, to eventually overload the Void Shields/Power Fields. Void
Shield generators were equiped with circuit breakers, Power Fields
generators were not.

Well that's my thought on the subject. What does everyone else think?

Warprat ;)

How about scaling weapon damage? I mean, should a single stand of
infantry be able to take down any titan's void shield? Does that stand
generate enough energy/power to take down/overload the shield? I would
say not. Something like 6 infantry scale hits in a single turn, to take
down 1 shield. 5 for hvy weapons, and 2 for the bigger guns. Things
like the volcano cannon, and other titan weapons would still act as
normal. I do see where this could cause some PITA work, but it does
make some sense. This would help put an end to the use of infantry
firing off to take down the shileds before hitting a titan with the big
stuff. Other than that, the stuff above works for me.
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