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Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 03:33:05 -0800

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> last saturday we played a new heresy game; this time we used eldars and
> chaos, so for the first time we used the magic system and also the
> and extensive air support.
> These are my considerations:

Alright, comments on the part of the parts of the system I like
best...psykers. I had hoped to have a more WHFB 3rd Edition/Rogue Trader
system originally but Peter convinced me that a simplified system (what is
in there now) would be best for everyone...

When I get my Realms of Chaos books back from my friend I'll be making an
"old sk00l" Chaos list that will include my Advanced Psyker System. I'm
trying to think of more fantasy-style systems as well to better simulate the
close combat heavy Chaos armies.

Fantasy Heresy? You never know....

> 1) magic system:
> a) spell selection: there are 15 spell cards for each race, but in reality
> only five different spells, this allow that a random selection could,
> probably, produce a multiple same spell pick up, it is correct?

Each psyker has an individual selection of spells. So yes, multiple psykers
on one side could have the exact same spells.

> b) chaos spell: between the 15 spell cards avaibles, 9 belongs to the four
> deities (three for each) and the rest are neutrals. In our game we had
> magnus a lv. 4 sorcerer and he had to random choose its spells, but we
> agreed to gave it only the tzeentch ones and one of the 6 neutrals, it is
> correct?

Well, I think the intent was to do the random draw as normal, but if you get
a Chaos power not of your alignment draw again. Alternately select one power
from your Chaos god and randomly select the others from the pool.

> c) spells duration: how many turn a spell remain in play?
> - only for the turn
> - more
> i.e. psichic lock.

This would depend on the spell of course. We'll clear this up in the next

> d) is line of sight is mandatory to cast a spell?
> i.e. purge psiker

Yes. It's not artillery.

> e) opportunity fire: can I use spells for opportunity fire?
> i.e. psichic lock

Yes. Psycher powers in Heresy are really treated just like any other weapon

> consideration: I don't like that every psicker have a fixed ammount of psi
> points every turn, I would like to roll the magic points avaibles each
> rolling two d10 and give the total avaible to each players, otherwise
> could be too letal with so many points; for example my eldar opponent used
> psichic lock every turn and a single warlock (lv 2)immobilized 6 stands
> every turn, immagine how chaos could survive this!

Heheh. Here's where me and Peter had different ideas. I was originally
thinking of a "psi-point" pool each psyker had and which he got x points
back per turn (maybe equal to his Mastery). Units such as Tzeentch Thrall
Wizards or Thousand Son mages would also get additional points for either
Thrall bands or Thousand Son stands much like Ork Wierdboyz do...

Problem with that is of course added complexity.

This will all be looked at.

> Wargears: one wargear for every 500 points spent is too, one every 1000
> could be better.
> We test (damm eldar) way stones and this only wargear, save of 5+, was
> decisive, if in a 2500 points game we have 5 wargears we could have too
> super men.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying Waystones are too powerful?
If so why do you advocate more Wargear? Or are you asking that the waystones
be increased in cost?

> Cost formula: I don't understand how the points formula work; I used
> and mortarion, they both cost 400 points, but mortarion has an armor value
> of 8 while magnus has 9, magnus has a very good weapon, contrary mortarion
> has lower range weapon and little effective, magnus is a lv.4 SORCERER,
> mortarion not, how it is possible? Also, magnus gives a -2 accuracy
> penalities to every shoot against its minions, contrary the +1 armor bonus
> that mortarion gives is unconfrontable.

I'm thinking the Plague power threw off the point costs.

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> Thank you for your help.


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