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Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 06:31:10 -0800

Good points hellreic,

I appreciate your comments and want to encourage more discussion of the
Dark Eldar lists.

I have been questioning the 15cm move myself. I'm not quite sure the
best way to address the Dark Eldars faster foot movement ability in
40K. With good dice rolling they can move as fast as a Leman Russ.
Maybe it would be better to give them the bonus when charging like
Darius' list does. Would dropping their move ot 10cm bring them more in
line with their points cost in your view?

I really think the points are balanced though (especially for the
infantry which have been playtested the most). A warrior stand from a
support card costs 33.3 points. I compared them to and guardian stand
at 25 points and a marine devastator stand at 45.8 points. As far as
the company cards go isn't it pretty standard to not charge for the
command section?

hellreic-_at_... wrote:
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> "mmmslurpahhnibbleooonipmmmmmbite" <paintingdo-_at_...> wrote:
> original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/netepic/?start=2411
> > I just put the excell file in the archive for any one interested.
> > Pretty nice list, but your points are alittle week for what you get
> and I think you might be giving your company card too much of a point
> break
> but all in all nice job Try to make your foot infantry movement more
> real
> 15cm with a chance on some to move 20cm makes them move better than
> most vehicals in the game try 10cm and with combat 15cm
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