RE: [NetEpic ML] Pinning

From: peter ramos <ramospeter_at_...>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 09:50:15 EDT


Pinning is the physical act of a larger/faster unit locking an opponent in
close combat. Pinning does ocurr after charging, but it affects wether the
unit it is blocking can move or not out of said close combat. A "pined" unit
cannot leave combat until one or the other is slain. An unpinned unit may
leave combat in its next move, be it that turn or the next. What net epic
has done is to better classify what pins what and once you decide to stay in
combat you are pined until the next turn.


>From: BRUNTZ Fran�ois (DSIT-EG) <francois.bruntz_at_...>
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>Subject: RE: [NetEpic ML] Pinning
>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:39:51 +0200
>Salut Peter,
>Tu as �crit :
> >
> > First, everything that flies is NOT a skimmer, greater demons
> > are in this
> > category. The warhound would pin a greater demon. According
> > to the new
> > revision a skimmer can still move out if it can move second,
> > but if it
> > decides to stay in combat it IS pinned and may leave combat
> > next turb if it
> > survives.
>You make me doubt. What is the exact definition of 'pinning'? I thought it
>was 'blocking a unit by charging it'.
>I guess that I've only got a problem of syntax...
>Fran�ois Bruntz
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