Re: [Epic] Reminiscing

From: Mike Roop <roop_at_...>
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 05:22:43 -0500

Also, in regards to the Imperator comment before, GW has announced(somewhere)
that they will be toneing down titans in the next edition, and that
, supposedly, the imperator and mega-gargant class titans WILL NOT BE
released for it.
My brother just went to the local hobby store and bought up thier Imperator
(still shronk wrapped) for $2. Quite a bargain, huh??

>oki_at_... wrote:
>> I supposed I better start saving up for Epic40K, revised versions of Armies
>> of Imperium, Renegades, Warlords (GW have not mentioned revising these box
>> supplements, but I can't imagine them not doing it). :( Sigh....
>Better yet, save up that money for the new minis and continue to play
>2nd edition. Just incorporate the rules for the new figures as they are
>posted here. ]:}
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