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Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 02:06:54 GMT

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>Keith Zanardi wrote:
>> I know what you mean. When I first started playing Epic everyone
>> said that I caught on quick and soon could hold my own with the best
>> of them. Then the group decided that I should play against the
>> undefeated player. No one had ever beaten him in Epic. I said sure.
>> He played Chaos which I never played against. I welcomed the change.
>> (I played IG) His standard list contains the following:
>> 3 Warlord Titans each with Fire Control Towers, Plasma Destructors,
>> 2 Barrage Missiles, and a Deathstrike Cannon head. Oh, and 2
>> Carapace multi-lasers. (Note, this group was doing Battle Groups
>> at 3 Warlords for 1800pts. at that time)
>> 2 Lord of Battles each with 2 Deathstorm Launchers
>> 1 Bloodthirster
>> 15 Detachments of Bloodletters
>> 1 Co. Chaos Marines
>> 3 Thunderhawk Gunships
>> Total 6000pts.
>> Well anyway, when I fired at those Bloodletters I was surprised to
>> find out that they regenerated 50% of the time. Not to mention the
>> 6 Barrage Missile Launchers and DS cannon shots on turn one.
>> Followed up by 12 Plasma Destructor shots, TH's in MY artillery
>> (what was left) and 75 Bloodletters hell, their CAF is what? +5?
>> It was a lesson in true futility. My first game with him was over
>> turn one.
>> I thought you folks would get a kick out of this Chaos army list.
>> Anyone out there think they could beat it? I know I can't.
>> Keith
>> >
>Isn't this illegal, where are the greater demons? You have to have 1
>greater demon card for each of the 5 bloodletters, and everything else.

Actually its fine! (If you let Chaos have Titan Battle Groups, which a fair
number of gaming circles seem to do...)

The Lord of Battles is a Greater Daemon, thus there are three greater
daemons, with 5 units of Bloodletters each. WD (or maybe Cit Journal)
brought out the Blood Slaughterers Legion which is a legion of chaos space
marines which does not require a Primarch. This is where tthe three THawks
would slot in.

The fact is, he has at least two support slots free, and probably five more
free (from the Titan Battle Group).

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