Re: [Epic] Creating new version of Epic

From: Seth Ben-Ezra <Azathoth_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 10:13:05 -0500

On 12 Jan 97 at 21:10, Michael the Liu wrote:

> If Epic97 turns out as cruddy as everyone fears and the pessimists turn out
> to be right, we could make our own set of rules for Epic, the "net version"
> of Epic 40k. Between the Titan Legion Edition rules, Epic 40k rules, and
> all of our house rules, we could create a uniform mix that captures
> (hopefully) the best parts of each. This could lend a certain
> "officialness" to the rules in that between all of us and our gaming groups
> we could get a pretty substantial number of people playing it and there is
> strength (and that elusive official feeling, such as that which the Q&As
> have) in numbers. If we were to post it to the net as an alternative method
> of playing or have it run at conventions alongside tables of the standard
> system (I think there are a few on the list who run booths and tables at
> conventions), it could actually begin to spread outside of just our gaming
> circles and us. Of course, this is all hypothetical, as we don't know that
> the new version is going to suck yet (we're just pretty sure :P)
> Flame away!
> Michael of House Liu
> PS In any case, I know I'm not going to be playing strictly by the printed
> Epic40k rules, even if I do buy the boxed set, but I figure it would be
> pretty cool if I could be playing even a semi-official version of the game :)
This isn't all that bad an idea in principle. As someone else pointed
out, the copyright thing could get us in trouble if our unofficial
update were used at a con. However, if it were to be used for friendly
games or for in-store tournaments with house rules, it wouldn't be all
that bad an idea. While we suspect that Epic 40K won't be very good,
I'm sure that it will have some rules improvements of which we could take
advantage. Of course, someone would have to maintain a www page with
the rules....

Seth Ben-Ezra
Great Wolf
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