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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 12:55:17 +1000 (EST)

>>2) Clarifications on some weapons interactions. Yes, that means
>>Doomweaver vs. void shields. I can hear the groans now. However,
>>that's part of our problem with Epic, right? One way or the other, we
>>have to come to a conclusion and make it official (or as official as
>>this is going to be). Same goes for Dragsta fields. Someone posted a
>>list of weapons that ignore them. Was it missing any? A list should
>>be formulated and made official.
>Couldn't agree with you more on this one. We'll need a good index to help
>for fast and easy reference. Eg: (I stole this idea from a past post
>during the "war.")
>Doomweavers and, 34
> Void Shields 35
> Power Fields 67
> Dragsta Fields 43
> Multiple Wounds 40
> etc...

Simply a good indexing system would be great.

>>3) Firing arcs. This is a minor nit, but it seems to me that limiting
>>some of these vehicles to 180 degree firing arcs is silly. Can't a Leman
>>Russ's turret turn 360 degrees? Then why can't it fire 360 degrees?
>>Maybe certain weapons on a vehicle could be designated as 360 weapons,
>>like the Leman Russ's battle cannon.
>Interesting, and one I hadn't thought of before. Sounds like a good idea,
>but we'll have to draw the line somewhere; maybe only a turreted 360 fire
>arc on vehichles with a top mounted turret. Eg: Predators would get only
>one 360 shot, as they have three turrets, two side and one top. Land
>Raiders, OTOH, wouldn't get any 360 fire power, as their turrets are both
>Speaking of fire arcs, here is another gripe of mine: The massive 360
>attack dice of the Squat (and some Imperial) SHV's. IMHO, the Collossus
>should have *two* 180 fire arcs, divided down the middle of the vehichle.
>Four Battlecannon shots to side. Similiar things could be done with the
>Leviathan and its Lascannon at three to a side, with the top-mounted turret
>staying 360 as per above. I think the bolters on all SHV's ought to stay
>at 360, too. This adds to realism (look at the model), but doesn't take
>away too much fire power.

The original game had weapons firing just like this. If the 1st -> too
compliacted, 2nd -> too easy, make the 3rd a mix logic they seem to be
stating is true they might just be doing this.

>Speaking of Squat SHV's (here we go again), I'd like to see if we could
>implement the optional rules that give them armor saves like Titans. I
>don't remember how powerful the rules made them, but we could increase
>point cost if needed. They were posted on a web-page, but I lost the url.
>Any comments?

It'd be a great idea. As it is, the SHV's (especially after BG's came out)
had inferior firepower and inferior survivability, and for just a little
less cost. The sheer size that they are meant to be should mean they get the
templates. Mind you the rumour mill on titans for epic 40K states that the
templates for titans are disappearing as it is.

>Yet again (yeah, I know this is getting redundant) a great idea. Any
>volunteers for being the boss, so we can all stay focused. (Personally I'd
>want someone who has been playing the game for a long time, so that they
>would have a better scope of things.)

Eer, I hope someone else grabs the possie as I just don't have the time.

>>Okay, I've said my bit. Respond/flame away.
>No flames here; it was a good "bit."
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