Re: [Epic] Creating new version of Epic

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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 13:20:11 +1000 (EST)

>Umh. So far that i have tested squat SHV's they ar not so overkill.
Leviathan >has 4 void
>shields, no chance to regen,

What's this? What do you mean the Leviathan gets no regen on its Void
Shields? Are we playing with different rules here? Void Shields are Void
Shields and they get to regenerate whatever vehicle they are mounted on!

>landtrain at max is 11-12 with regen (ok assuming >you
>get loads of battlecars in it). Cyclops and colossus has 6 void shields as
i >recal...

The Cyclops has 5 I think.....

>for the moment i do not have armour saves, can dig 'em up though.

All of them have 1+ all round saves I do believe.


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