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From: Perrin Haley <phaley_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 19:39:55 -0800

>Perrin Haley wrote:
>> Speaking of Squat SHV's (here we go again), I'd like to see if we could
>> implement the optional rules that give them armor saves like Titans. I
>> don't remember how powerful the rules made them, but we could increase
>> point cost if needed. They were posted on a web-page, but I lost the url.
>> Any comments?
>Umh. So far that i have tested squat SHV's they ar not so overkill.
>Leviathan has 4 void
>shields, no chance to regen, landtrain at max is 11-12 with regen (ok
>assuming you
>get loads of battlecars in it). Cyclops and colossus has 6 void shields as
>i recal...

Actually, the Cyclops has only five void shields, but that's something only
a Squat player would notice. I'm not sure I understand correctly what you
are trying to say. Yes the Leviathan does indeed have four void shields,
you are correct there. But you are wrong when you say they can't
regenerate shields. In the description of the Leviathan, on page 60 of
Warlords, it states that "The Leviathan also has four void shields, which
work in the same way as a Titan's..." Last I checked, Titans could
regenerate void shields.

I think you are off on the Land Train too. While it is, like *all* other
units with void shields, able to regenerate them in the end phase, the max
number of void shields that a Land Train can have is nine. Since a Land
Train can only have a max of seven cars attached to it: 2+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=9.
This is all a moot point, though, if you use the Cit. Journal rules that
give the Land Train all of those shield battlecars (unbalancing IMO.)

>for the moment i do not have armour saves, can dig 'em up though.
>But squat SHVs get wasted pretty easily IMHO easier than titans.

Especially against those _at_%$@#&$%*!!!! Warp and Vortex missles! Everytime
I play my Marine friend with my Squats he'll take along a Warlord or two
and give each one a Vortex missle. That gives him a two in three chance of
sinking one of my SHV's on the *first* turn, sometimes before it gets a
chance to fire. And that's only if he fires both missles at one SHV. By
shooting at different targets, my potential for loss is much higher. He
just sits back and tallies up his experience points for his Titans, who
just happen to be sitting right in front of one objective each. Battle
honors, battle honors, battle honors... At least he dosen't get Battle

I think this rant is a prime example of why the SHV's ought to have hit
templates and battle honors (*not* those stinky ones in the Cit. Journal).
And about this rant: sorry if it sounds like I'm whining, it's been a long



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