[Epic] The future of Net Epic

From: peter ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:51:29 +0000

Greetings to all!

To address concerns on the possible contents of Net Epic I think it
should be clear that of course the present system will be the template
for any modifications and that the mentions of first edition epic are
only due to that many present modifications (i.e. Titan Legions), and if
my hunches are correct , Epic 40k drew some rules from the first
edition. It is logical of course that many parts of this revision will
have to wait until epic 40k makes it appearrance, namely rules regarding
flyers and psionics, but the basic mechanics of the game we wish to
discard or redo can and should be done now.

There have been several comments for an experienced player to coordinate
the effort,if the majority has no objection I feel competent enough to
undertake the task. Of course it is only fair that I qualify myself to
you all. I have basically played the game since its making some 8 or 9
years ago. I own and still play all armies with forces totalling over
200,000 pts.Therfore I have no bias toward any one army and can make
objective rulings or rules interpretations on any of the armies. The
objectivity also stems for the many tournements and game exhibitions I
have coordinated(I have run exhibitions as large as 40,000 pts per side
to their happy conclusion). More importantly my job schedule permits me
to dedicate a couple of hours daily to this task and thus be able to
answer queries promptly. Also through the years I have compiled all
articles(including internet Q&A from Allens page) and rules into a
single binder for easy reference and this includes all articles and
rules of 1st edition epic as well.In all fairness I have owned a
computer for about half a year so help from you guys is definitely
needed.So if the community deems me worthy I'll give my best shot and,
of course if another should be elected to the post he has my staunchest

The time for talk has passed,
let us act and show all just what we are made of,
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