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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 10:27:41 +1000 (EST)

>A Colossus costs the same as a Reaver, so...
>The Colossus has a Carapace Landing Pad, a Titan Multiple Rocket Launcher, a
>Barrage Misile launcher, 8d6 that hit on a 4+ range 75 save at -2 (no two
>titan weapons that a Reaver can mount can equal that firepower!) and 16d6
>worth of carapace multi lasers.
>The Colossus saves on a 1+ (all round). The Colossus has 6 void shields.
>Of course, the Colossus always moves and then first fires.
>To me this adds up to a unit with at least 6 titan weapon slots, with 6 void
>shields and a 1+ save all round that always first fires.
>The Reaver has a better move, but is not a command unit, so if it moves, it
>will NOT be first firing. It cannot equal the Colussus' weapon pack in its
>wildest dreams. It has only one 1+ save (from the front) and only four
>miserable void shields. The titan's only advantages are that some shots
>(about 1 in 6) scatter off the titan template, and some shots only damage
>the titan instead of killing it outright.
>The Reaver has 3 titan weapon slots, 4 void shields and generally a 2+
>saving throw from the front.
>Both are Special Cards. Both have the same CAF. Both cost 500 pts.
>In my estimation, a Colussus can face two reavers and be on relatively equal
>What do other people think?

OK, my experience of squat SHV's to reaver battelgroups, and I have had a
reasonable amount of experience of this is that they are just about even. I
would lean toward the reavers though. The only thing that makes up for the
poorer survivability of the SHV's is the ability to fire accurately
indirect. The other thing that helps save them are overlords. One or two
companies of overlords takes the heat off them a great deal, and their
offence can really hurt reavers. Of course the reavers will have support
too, but from what I've seen in battles and faced, the reavers are the best
value for points in the BG formation. Their firepower and survivability is
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