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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 00:17:08 -0500

On 15 Jan 97 at 21:54, Brett Hollindale wrote:

> At 09:01 AM 15/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >On 15 Jan 97 at 9:52, Brett Hollindale wrote:
> >
> >> >>
> >> >>But squat SHVs get wasted pretty easily IMHO easier than titans.
> >> >
> >> >Especially against those _at_%$@#&$%*!!!! Warp and Vortex missles! Everytime
> >> >I play my Marine friend with my Squats he'll take along a Warlord or two
> >> >and give each one a Vortex missle. That gives him a two in three chance of
> >> >sinking one of my SHV's on the *first* turn, sometimes before it gets a
> >> >chance to fire.
> >>
> >> OK this looks like the second person in two days whi hasn't read TL page 24
> >> "Psychic Saves".
> >> Let me quote: "Whenever a psychic power is used on a model with functioning
> >> shields, on a 1-3 the psychic effect is dispersed. On a 4-6 the Psychic
> >> power penetrates the shields and the attack takes effect as normal". And
> >> from the same page "Some weapons like Warp and Vortex missiles, (and a few
> >> others) use warp energy... Units with a psychic saving throw can roll to
> >> save against theses attacks as if they were psychic attacks."
> >>
> >> What this means to me is that a bunch of Reavers shooting at that chaos
> >> idiots Warlords with Vortex missiles have about a 1 in 6 chance (each) of
> >> doing 1d6 hits on the Warlords. (Not a great chance, but OK) And someone
> >> popping your SHV's has the same 1 in 6 with a vortex and a hefty 2 in 6 with
> >> the warp missiles.
> >>
> >
> ><snip>
> >
> >I'm going to have to disagree here. The void shield's psychic
> >disruption effect is not the same as a psychic save. The rules under
> >psychic save on the same page even indicate this. In the case of a
> >psychic power that merely does damage (Weirdboy tower, for example) it
> >knocks down void shields like normal and, once it penetrates the
> >shields, the model gets its psychic save, if any. Void shields just
> >have the potential for interfereing with actual psychic powers, not any
> >display of psychic force.
> >
> >Seth Ben-Ezra
> >Great Wolf
> I'm going to have to agree with you about Wierdboyz (since it specifically
> defines how they work - ie they must knock down the void shields like a
> normal attack) but I don't see how the same argument applies to Warp amd
> Vortex missiles.
> For my money, it is spelled out in black and white. "units with a psychic
> save save against these warp attacks as if they were psychic attacks" and
> units with void shields save against psychic attacks 50/50."
> Agro

I can't speak to the vortex missile as easily, but the warp missile is
a clearer case. The rules for the Warp Missile state that it ignores
shields and goes straight to damaging the Titan. Of course, this could
be interpreted as meaning that void shields aren't taken down but can
still interfere with the missile's progress. Personally, I feel that
the double scatter is penalty enough for the warp missile. Besides,
the whole point of the warp missile is to be the ultimate armor
penetration device. Allowing shields to interfere with it lessens its
ability to fulfill its Titan-killing role, IMHO. Obviously this is
open to interpretation. Ah, something else to be addressed in Net Epic
discussions. I'll officially add it to the mix: how do we interpret
both the psychic save of certain models and the psychic interference of
void shields?

Just my two cents.

Seth Ben-Ezra
Great Wolf
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