Re: [Epic] Attention Eldar players with Warlock Titans...

From: Mark A Shieh <SHODAN+_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 09:14:29 -0500 (EST)

phaley_at_... (Perrin Haley) writes:
> I've recently been working on my Warlock Titan, and I was wondering
> if anyone could give me some advice on how I'm supposed to attach the
> banner pole/hanger that is glued to the psy-cannon (illustrated on the
> front of the box.)

        I don't remember what the box looks like, but if you take a
paper clip, and clip it a couple times with a wire cutter, you can get
a straight piece that bends at the end without having to bend it
yourself. I guess it would be shaped sort of like this:


Anyways, you can wrap the banner around the straight part, and then
secure it by the ends to the titan. (I didn't do a great job of this,
so the banners eventually broke off. I'm going to actually drill
holes in so they can be pinned in next time. I'm also going to spend
more time on the banners :)

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