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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 14:02:48 +0000

> I had always thought there was a reason for the setting of battles in Epic
> to be on a battle field. Eg: you are fighting for something, be it
> artifacts, land, or even defending your own people. If nuclear weapons
> were brought into the picture, the whole reason for having a land battle
> would be a moot point, as the battle field (with the artifacts, land,
> people etc.) would be irradiated and useless.
> What I've always wanted were simply "strikes" from orbit, or maybe I should
> say more strikes from orbit, as the Space Marines and the Tyranids already
> have something very similiar (Deathwind Pods, and Psychic Barrages.) An
> equivalent card (special), that either gives a limited total on strikes, or
> a limited rate of strikes per turn is something that I've always wanted for
> all of the other armies. The Eldar could get a big laser, the Squats some
> kind of Particle beam weapon, Chaos could get their own version of Drop
> Pods (which I've always thought they should have; someone once posted
> something about Khorne's Tears of Blood or something, it was *very* cool),
> and the Orks, well the Orks could get something that was really Orky...
> anyone have any ideas for the orks?
> >This is just a random thought that flitted through my head, partially
> >prompted by various players in my gaming group commenting "Gee,
> >wouldn't it be nice if I had a nuke right now?" So, what do you think?
> I think if they weren't too powerful, and could only be gotten as special
> cards (anti-cheese), they could add some nice flavor to the game.
> Perrin

If I remember rightly the 1st edition epic contained rules and
counters for firing missiles from off the field. My memory is a bit
vague on the subject but I recall that there were three classes of
barrage, vortex missiles and the more unusual Stasis and Hawire
missiles. Each missile had a separate points value attached to it.

I quite liked the idea and once used them in an Epic2 game, though it
was so long ago, that I can't remember what effect they had.

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