Re: [Epic] Nukes in Epic universe

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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 10:02:31 -0800 (PST)

> How do they do it ? I mean, a nuke (even a small one) will have a blast
> radius (fireball effect, heat effect, radiation effect) of kilometres. I
> doubt that Epic battles are fought over kilometres, maybe if we have 200 000
> points :) And imagine a blast radius (super barrage template) of 100-200 cm
> (min) with -10 modifier (only the Imperator would stand a chance). And not
> to mention the EM wave which will short out all your electrical equipment.

well... the way they do it is pretty drastic...

first off, one nuclear round for an artillery weapon is 1000 points. a
battlewagon clocks in at about 31 points in dirtside (that way I designed
it anyway, with very poor weaponry, little armor, and 3 stands carrying
capacity) a gargant might come in near 1000. that doesn't even cover the
cost of the vehicle that will fire the nuke...

the ground scale in dirtside is very tiny. the distance between and figure
on the board and the horizon is 60 inches! (I don't have my book handy, or
I'd tell you the real ground scale...). nuklear rounds have an 18 inch
diameter blast! (small nukes...). within 2 inches, everything dies, within
like 4 inches, only vehicles have a small chance of survival. within a
little more, the chance of survival increases slightly again, etc...

the cool parts are, once the nuke (or bio-hazard rounds for that matter)
go off, every single figure on teh table must make a moral check (even the
side that shot the nuke!) at a pretty heavy penalty and the 2 inch radius
of death becomes impassable terrain...

pretty stiff weaponry...

Brian Lojeck

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