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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 17:17:09 -0500 (EST)

Excerpts from Epic: 19-Jan-97 Re: [Epic] Psychic Phase [w.. by Mark A
> > I'm sorry i don't see how squats have a lack of weaknesses... they have no
> > titans, and while the supuer heavies are good, like i said without a
> > template it dies alot easier than titans,
> I haven't really noticed. My Titans seem to die a lot easier
> than the SHVs. They have a lot of Void Shields, which makes them very
> difficult to punch through unless he ignores my Vibro-Cannon or other
> penetrators. It also nullifies psychic powers 4+. My Holo Fields on
> the other hand, just attract barrages while redirecting his "normal"
> shots onto units without Holo Fields. I feel it's easier to take out
> my Titans than his SHVs because it's easier to ignore my shields than
> it is to ignore his.

I think the main problem, Mark, is that you haven't really used your
Titans against forces other than Squats and IG, and those are really
just the worst match-ups as far as your Titans are concerned. (Though I
guess Ork Gutbuster ball rounds are templates, so Orks wouldn't be much
fun either.)

> > no pychers and really not much protection against them.
> Some of the psychers aren't that great anyways, and only good
> at taking out other psykers or demons. OTOH, I'm called really cheesy
> if I were to field more than 1 Warlock for every 750 points or so, so
> I try to discourage myself from doing so.

It was more of a rude shock than anything else, I think; I wasn't
expecting one warlock on your side per SHV on my side, plus one I think.
 (Spirit Host + 3 Warlock specials vs. an Iron Breaker Legion
(Leviathan), a Colossus and an Overlord. My SHVs didn't do much that
game, and I barely squeaked a win through. Oh, my Colossus nailed the
Avatar, though, when it had nothing else to shoot at. ^_^ )

> > Plus, lets face it, an effective squat army is
> > fairly predictable...
> Not at all. As I was talking to Aaron at some point during
> our in-person conversations, there are several different types of
> effective squat armies. Armies of the same type will be similar
> (predictable). However, Aaron enjoys playing a mobile Squat force, it
> appears. This involves mechanized Thunderers, Bikes, and Gyrocopters
> for a big second turn strike on vulnerable areas. Overlords tend to
> provide the fire support needed, and fits the theme better, but I feel
> that a Land Train or Colossus can do a similar job. This army demands
> a different troop selection for ideal defense than the typical "stand
> and deliver" Squat army that we can all construct blindfolded (or
> given a copy of the army cards, depending on your familiarity). In
> larger games, Aaron will, of course, take a balanced force which has
> some of both methods, and quite frequently just involves taking a
> company of each type of unit except Goliaths.

Mostly because, barring infantry, that's all I've got.... Guess I'll
have to take a stand & deliver force against you some time, for variety.

[snip variety discussion]
> > > 1) It has been tossed around by an eldritch storm but was thrown to
> > > the front of the storm so can still see the target.
> > > 2) It has been psychic locked.
> >
> > I'd say if it says that the model can do nothing, then no it can't spot
> > for indirect fire... but that's JMO I guess it depends how stricly "can
> > do nothing" means to you or even if those two effects say that or
> > something else.
> That's what my viewpoint boils down to. I just had assumed it
> was the correct interpretation before the battle started. :(

Hrm. I think it depends on how involved one thinks spotting for
artillery fire is... I've never thought of it as all that involved,
which is why the indirect barrages scatter. IMO, it wouldn't take much
to radio out "unit on the other side of the treeline" and let things go
from there. Concurrently, I've always assumed both sides had some sort
of scouting/remote mapping done before the battle, so you don't really
*need* much more than that for indirect fire.

                    Aaron Teske
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