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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 18:20:55 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Mark A Shieh wrote:

> You have to be kidding me. All this means is that tac stands
> can actually shoot you down if you stray too close, unlike most SHVs.
> This usually doesn't matter. For instance, I'm just drowning in 75cm
> 4+ -2 save mod shots (Eldar). The overlord is harder to take out than
> the other SHVs once the shields are gone. I've never really seen this
> 1 in 6 chance make any difference. For each of the kills I see this

I have, most of the time my overlords are killed with cheap fire because
no matter how big or small a weapon is, if it hits, on a 6 the over lord
dies... usually the biggest thing they are hit with are pulsars because of
the multiple hits they have to take.

> I agree. I'd much rather have quantity than quality these days.
> Which isn't quite your point, but happens to be my particular problem.

Yeah, many people seem to overestimate the usefulness of the goliaths...
they are very good against eldar titans (as are any barage weapons), but
other than that, their usefulness of having 3 shots per turn for 450pts
isn't really worth it.

> I actually prefer the Thunderfires. They are about twice as hard to
> wipe out, cost the same, and don't have to shoot all at once. Sure,
> they're _bolted_ to the ground (One of my favorite parts about the

I love my thunderfires when they hit since they DO hit hard, but they
don't hit as often as firestorms and being anchored means anything that
causes them to move will destroy them.. (ie prime targets for doom weaver
webs, wave serpant waves, and if you want, don't eldritch storms move
things to the edges of the template?).

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