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Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 18:40:07 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Mark A Shieh wrote:

> Ah. I meant vehicles and SHVs when I said tanks. The two are almost
> interchangable in Epic it seems...

Well i guess i just love my land raiders... the best TANKS ;) hehe in epic

> fine to have one, or maybe even a company, but to design a force
> around them makes the game no longer fun. Having Overlords isn't bad,
> but having a lot of Overlords is. Enough Overlords, and you don't

Ok i agree taking all overlord companies is cheesy, but so is taking the
max amount of wave serpants, etc... everything can be cheesed out if taken
to the extreme, but overlords IMO are not cheesy just by themselves and i
have no problem using a company in any games 4000 pt or more and always
take at least one... if i'm called cheesy for it, well fine, i don't see
it and i make it a strong point to field non cheesy armies in both epic
and WHFB.

> I haven't really noticed. My Titans seem to die a lot easier
> than the SHVs. They have a lot of Void Shields, which makes them very
> difficult to punch through unless he ignores my Vibro-Cannon or other
> penetrators. It also nullifies psychic powers 4+. My Holo Fields on

Well i can tell you frm experiance of having used all 3 classes of
imperial battle titans and colossuses and all the titans, even the
warlords survive longer once their shields are down. With titans, there
is a chance the shot will deviate off the template or onto a part that's
not as costly to get blown up or even if a head or something is hit and
the save failed, there is still a chance a 1 or 2 will be rolled, etc.

> the other hand, just attract barrages while redirecting his "normal"
> shots onto units without Holo Fields. I feel it's easier to take out
> my Titans than his SHVs because it's easier to ignore my shields than
> it is to ignore his.

Well i agree that a colossus is an eldar titan's worst enemy, but the same
can be said for a vibro cannon battery or a phantom with dual tremor

> Some of the psychers aren't that great anyways, and only good
> at taking out other psykers or demons. OTOH, I'm called really cheesy
> if I were to field more than 1 Warlock for every 750 points or so, so
> I try to discourage myself from doing so.

While i hate warlocks (just as i hate pulsars) ;) i don't really consider
them cheesy... i just wish i could kill them more often but the comand
targettign rules is what keeps them alive more than them riding a falcon

> appears. This involves mechanized Thunderers, Bikes, and Gyrocopters
> for a big second turn strike on vulnerable areas. Overlords tend to
> provide the fire support needed, and fits the theme better, but I feel

Well i guess i just have a different point of view... yes you CAN go fast
army or big bad shooty army, but you don't have much choice in troop
companies, and when you see something their isn't much surprise to it.

> Instead, the Squats have more general, but fewer troop types. I
> don't see this as a disadvantage, because they still have enough
> troops to fill all of the niches. They may not have the elite CC
> specialists Eldar and IG and Chaos have, but they have cheap CC
> specialists that can fill the role (Berserkers).

Yes, but you don't have the choice of which company to take... if you noly
want thunderers you have to take support cards, if you only want
berserkers, etc...

> That's what my viewpoint boils down to. I just had assumed it
> was the correct interpretation before the battle started. :(

Ah... i see, that can be a problem... i've had that happen and it often
leads to heated argument during the game (arguments during the game are
never good, especially when things aren't going well) which aren't really
so importnat as to get heated about it and a simple comprimise before the
game can fix...

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