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>>In CJ17, there were 3 Epic special characters (all Eldar) based on WH40K
>>Eldar Codex. Here's a list of them.
>> Mov /Sav Thr / CAF /Weapons /Rang /Dice/Hit/ Notes
>>Eldrad 10cm/Fixed 4+/ +4 /Shur Pistol /25cm /2 /4+ / See Rules
>>Karandas 10cm/Fixed 5+/ +8 /Scorp Bite /- /- /- / See Rules
>>Jain Zar 10cm/Fixed 5+/ +18*/Silent Death/15cm /Spec/- / See Rules
>>Eldrad, greatest Farseer of Ulthwe, has all the abilities of the Warlocks.
>>He has psychic save of 2+, and troops around him (15cm) has a 4+ psychic
>>save. Any Eldar units within 3d6 can place orders after all other orders
>>have been revealed.Eldrad is able to tap into the Warp to increase his CAF.
>>Roll an arti die and 2d6 for CC. Due to the arti die, his CAF can range from
>>2 to 10. If Eldrad rolls misfire, Eldrad goes straight to the Warp for a
>>one-to-one meeting with Slaanesh and in the process generate a Vortex
>>template, blah, blah, blah...
>So wait, is this a +4 +artillery dice +standard 2d6, or just +artillery dice
>+standard 2d6? (with the +4 written above as an error?)

Let's see, his basic CAF is +4. And he rolls 2d6 to add to his basic CAF.
However during the psychic phase, he has the option of souping himself up -
in this case he will throw an artillery die to change his basic CAF, between
2 and 10. He will still add the standard 2d6 to his new "basic" CAF.

>Also interesting that Eldrad doesn't seem much better than a Warlock in any
>other ways, really. He has a nifty 2+ psychic save and 4+ surrounding save,
>which is cool, but not _that_ much of an advantage. His unreliability in
>close combat means that he's something of a walking time bomb, so you won't
>want to keep expensive units around him, while his own CAF can be low enough
>that he won't win without help, making his vaunted CC mostly of a defensive
>measure. He seems more like an Ork psyker (except for that bit about the
>psy saves) than an Eldar master psyker; he can't seem to keep control of his
>Unless he comes with the Falcon and doesn't cost more than about 150, I'd
>say leave him and take a standard Warlock instead.

Yup he does come with a Falcon. But his point is still 250.

>>Karandas, Shadow Hunter gains an extra d6 (total 3d6) in close combat. Any
>>troops can reroll 1s on their CC die when within 10cm of Karandas. No
>>mention was made about rolling just 1d6 when CCing vehicles, Titans.
>Not too shabby, though I wouldn't want to pay more than about 150 for this
>one either. Interesting that standard Inquisitors save better than Karandras
>(though that 4+ fixed that Inquisitors have has always bothered me).

Agree, I always thought maybe Karandas should be made CAF+8, 3D6 against
troops, 2d6 against vehicles he has powerfist, remember. While the fluff in
WH40K states that Ragnar (CAF +8) will kick the Phoenix Lords butt in HtH, I
find it hard to believe that a young whelp can defeat a warrior with 10 000
years experience. But that is another story.

>>Me thinks Jain Zar's CAF +18 is an error. In addition to that, when she
>>rolls 6+, she will beat any enemy model, except those with construction
>>template ! Major butt-kicker.
>What do you mean 6+? Do you mean a natural six on either of the CC dice, or
>does she roll a seperate die against each enemy model she fights similar to
>standard howling banshees with her ability only working on a 6+? (unlike the
>5+ of standard banshees?)

Not very clear (typical of CJ writeups ;P) but rereading the stuff again, I
have the impression that it refers to the 2d6 Jain Zar rolls. Scary isn't it
? More than 55% she will butcher her enemy without so much of "by your
leave". Personification of HtH butcher.

>>She also has a Silent Death, hits on 4+, and ignores terrain modifiers. If
>>it hits it will moves on to the next target.
>Wow! Kick arse, she's a regular little Mortarion! Still, as with the other
>models, I'd estimate she wouldn't cost more than 150. If she really does
>have a
>+18 then the price should be around 500, but...this seems rather unlikely.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that it is 15cm total. Ie. Let's say she hit this
IG 5cm, then another IG 4cm (in whatever direction) then she can target
stands that are within the 6cm (15-5-4=6).

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