Re: [Epic] Problems with the old system

From: Michael the Liu <mikethel_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 14:42:57 -0800

>>> > Anyway,
>>> >I have only played squats once, the high point being when the thousand
>>> >sons' chaos champ accompanied by his brothers used telekinesis to send
>>> >a Collosus into a nearby forest,

>>> TK doesn't work on superheavies or titans.

>> Doesn't work on Titans, works fine on super-heavies. The best
>>use for it is to smash some expensive SHV into a building or drop one
>>into a forest.

>My bad. Titans or Titan sized vehicles - like a Colossus. this a house rule, or a rule I'm not aware of? I'm pretty sure
that the Colossus is treated just like any other Super Heavy, not as a
"Titan sized vehicle", despite the fact that it dwarfs many smaller Titans.
Yeah, I know, I think that this is pretty lame too, but you never can trust
the scale on Epic models. Those Squat Superheavies probably were supposed
to have been the same size as Shadowswords or something :). And those
Shadowswords probably were supposed to have been the size of city blocks or
something :) (or who knows, maybe the future just has really really small
city blocks, and all the supplied buildings just happen to be examples of
the biggest buildings to be found in the future!)

Michael the Liu
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