RE: [Epic] The spirit of the game

From: Andy Skinner <andy.skinner_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 97 09:04:00 EST

> Having read Jervis statement on the mailing list with regard to the
> Epic 40k debate , I would just like to ask this :
> Did anyone feel that he really side-stepped the point ?
I think I missed this. When did this come out? I
remember something from one of them months ago--did
another come out, or are you talking about "Gee, You
Guys!" from September?

I'm still looking forward to hearing about the new
rules, and not making assumptions about whether I'll
like it. If I do, I'll have to ask my wife to get it
for me for my birthday in May. :-) If not, I've
got the current one and Dirtside. I'm not waiting
to buy the more detailed miniatures I keep hearing
about, though. A store near me has blisters for
50% off (plus a bunch of slasha gargants, a mekboy
gargant, and some bio-titan or other, also 50% off),
and I just blew a bunch of money (earned selling old
games) on a pile of stuff last night. Although I'd
like to see the new miniatures, I decided I wouldn't
be spending full (increased) price on them when I
could get them for 50% off.

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