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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 10:49:49 -0100 (GMT)

This post may come a little outdated, but i've been away,so...

What pisses me off when fighting against orks is having to face 4 or 5
wirdboy towers protected by dragsters (incoming fire) and madboyz or nobz
(against CC)

On 22 Jan 1997, Cameron Bentsen wrote:

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> > >On Tue, 21 Jan 1997 duckrvr_at_... wrote:
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> > >> I don't think the weirdboy tower counts as a psychic attack for the psychic
> > >> phase. Otherwise it is entirely too powerful. It effectively makes the
> > >> weirdboy tower a command unit, which I don't think was ever intended. The
> > >> tower bolts work like a relatively normal weapon in every other
> > >> circumstance, so why wouldn'tthey do so here?
> > >
> > >Unfornately because it lists thme in the psychic phase of the rule book so
> > >yes they are fired in the psychic phase. A couple of battle towers whith
> > >enough stuff surrounding them can almost wipe out an entire army in the
> > >first psychic phase...
> >
> > Then I suggest a house rule. Anyway, if you want to do it that way, I still
> > wouldn't let someone on charge orders fire at all. And about the first
> > psychic phase, I thought the official ruling was that weirdboys couldn't
> > fire in the first turn because they haven't charged up. If they can, then
> > they should have to roll for overload during the first orders phase also.
> >
> Yes, the wierdboys cannot fire in the first turn's psychic phase, as they
> only power up in the end phase and do not start with any psychic points stored
> up from before the game starts.
> This turns out to be the limiting factor on their otherwise extremely brutal
> power, for two reasons:
> 1) Most games only last 3 or so turns. Since the wierdboys can't fire on the
> first turn, their effective firepower when averaged over the length of
> the game is therefore only about 2/3 of their apparent firepower.
> 2) Many armies have fast movers that may be able to get into CC on the first
> turn and take out the battletowers - they can't shoot your troops down
> 'cause they don't have the juice yet. THawks, fliers, and some of the
> fastest skimmers all fit this role. Also, you can always try to shoot them
> on turn one (though you'll probably have to get through a dragsta field)
> and thus avoid getting hit at all.
> Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa
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