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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 17:28:59 -0800

>>I realize that this isn't a sci-fi mailing list, but I thought that,
>>in light of the Heinlein comments drifting around, that I would make a
>>brief note of how indebted we Epic players (or at least we Marine
>>players) are to Heinlein. If you like science fiction, or can at
>>least stand it, read Starship Troopers. As far as I know, this is the
>>first occurence of powered armor or drop pods in sci-fi. Plus you
>>have your archetypical alien bug race, complete with hive mind.
>>(Tyranids, anyone?) Besides, it's a cool book. (It even includes the
>>use of infantry-carried mini-nukes!)

>Yes! ... and I think that someone at GW also read Heinlein ... and steals
>ideas >:]

I also think someone down at GW reads Frank Herbert (of _Dune_ fame) and
steals ideas too!

Supporting Points:
-both have navigators for starships who have become rather inhuman and have
three eyes, with the third to look through time and space for obstacles
-nowhere else have I heard the word "lasgun" used besides these two universes
-the strange idea of harsh environments=make super humans (Fremen,
Sardaukar, Katachan Jungle Warriors)
-the idea of a messiah/ruler who leads humanity towards some unknown (but
presumably benevolent) goal (Leto II, Paul Muad'dib, The Emperor)
-the idea of personal body shields

There are a few more points but I can't think of them off hand. The last
few points are a little weaker but those navigators and lasguns are pretty
convincing I think.

See! I knew there was someway that we'd manage to relate the books we read
to an Epic mailing list!

Michael, the Liu who spends too much of his time thinking about his little

PS: Whoever said that all the Dune books after the first one sucked: What
are you thinking!? I loved that series! (Though I suppose we really
shouldn't debate the merits of it over the list ;P)
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