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>> I have some painted Titans and would like to paint them in new color
>> schemes. But, there is a **little** problem. If I paint them over again,
>> they'll start loosing some details. Is there anyway of taking the
>> paint off? Ah! By the way, they are **plastic** minis, so, petrol based
>> solutions just melt them away ( one friend of mine tried it and, well...
>> it looked like something the cat dragged in!!!)

>Rubbing alchol works ok, but requires some scrubbing with a toothbrush.
>Warning: If you have multiple coats of paint/sealant on there you may not
>be able to get it all off without a fair amount of work. Otherwise it works

Yep. Its chemical name is Isopropanol or propan-2-ol. Very good at taking
paint off plastic minis (Or metal ones for that matter). Several soakings
works for multiple paint layers BTW. After several days of soaking the
paint tends to peel away from the mini, but you'll need to srub the paint
out of the recesses or pick it out with a scalpel of craft-knife. Don't
worry, there is no chance of the alcohol eating away the plastic (I left
some in for over a week while I was on holidays and the minis are still a-okay).

The Isopropanol can be used over and over if you strain it through something
like paper napkins or such like to get the particles out of it.

latex or rubber gloves when using it or at least using moisturiser on your
hands every now and then. It REALLY does dry your skin out!*


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