Re: [Epic] how to beat chaos

From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 11:17:14 +1100 (EST)

        yes most of my time IS spent playing eldar (hides in shame :) )
> Mostly chaos marines:
> 1) Take AA guns. Several if necessary to stop the thawks. Chaos has very
        I do . Strangely enough they seem to be targetted really fast :).
I thin kthe main problem here is that so far we havent played with the 'all
thawks turn up on the board at the start of the turn' rule. It gets depressing
 watching a stream of thawks turn up one at a time and not knowing which one
 the decoy is.o
> 2) Keep some fast models in reserve. That way you can respond to his moves.
        Fast units - ie mainly bikes. Unfortunately he has learned the benefits of forests (ie where the bikes cant actually help. The only guns commonly taken
 are tarantulas - easy to beat in cc but watching bikes get shot to crap by
these units as they try to enter cc is depressing.
> Chaos Horde force:
> 1) speed, speed, speed. If your force can start concentrated on 1/2 of the
> board, and then effectively shift, you have double the firepower he does at
> any given point.
        Usually try that, its the only thing that works much....Pity chaos
cards do just that for chaos ......
> 2) Take units with lots of shots and as much range as possible. If they are
        Falcons , etc dont have the range/cost effectiveness to take on multiple
 tarantula batteries. The stuff with range (titans/tempests) is usually busy
and its hard to justify that much effort on tarantulas.The cc units spend
most of their time in cover...
> General:
> 1) Personally, I would suggest not going for greater daemon instant kills.
        I usually leave 1-2 warp hunters lying around more to restrict his
 movement than anything else......
> ps-Which force do you use? There may be some specific tricks.

        Oh there are but there always seems to be a counter. The games I have
won (although a few earlier ones were damn close (oops 1 VP short.... etc))
have been mainly due to a Battlegroup. However is feels less than honourable
 to have to rely on one unit to make the difference (especially when its sooo
good ) and we usually limit ourselves here ( although there was one noticeable
exception where 1 Thawk of 1000 Sons killed 1 Phantom in CC then proceeded
to vortex a second... :() it shows the weakness of the BG but the titan
 objective still won the game for me.. I forget who it was (Maybe Admiral Togo)
said something like it is easy for us to be blinded to our enemies weakness
while we are staring at our own...... Maybe this is the case.
                                                thanks for the suggestions
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