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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 13:15:07 +1100 (EST)

> Well, it's not like you ever see more than 2 anyway, so
> I don't see how 4 could be too much.
        Too much is usually relative. Our games usually run btw 2500 and 4000
points, 4 legions suddenly becomes quite significant, I think he'd be annoyed
if I took 10 bunches of wave serpents :)

> that it won't even do anything. Khorne's and Slaanesh's are pretty
> weak.
        Slaanesh can be useful - CC your own troops, do something bad with
a HVU like super-heavy tanks etc....And i dont view them as 'pretty weak' Khorne
 reward is worth about the 50 points you pay for it........
> Sure IG get more bikes for the same points as SM, but the IG bikes have
> much less staying power. If you direct some firepower in their direction
> and break them before they reach CC, they become much less useful, while
        Yeah also that makes the Sms better when youre sacrificing a bunch
to gang up on a SHV or something i guess..
> for now. These troops don't operate in a void. (just like twin-pulsar
> phantoms will generally beat warlord titans, but in the real game the
> warlord will probably bring his arty company friends along)
        I dont know the Warlord with 3 Volcano Cannons and a FCC has always
scared my titans. The warlord is also better able to handle being swarmed in CC
. Heck Ive always viewed the Eldar titans as being almost specialised anti-SHV/
Titan units anyway (although the pulsar is pretty decent all-round+makes a lot
of the other weapons look pretty lame....).,
> Scott
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