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On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Tyler Provick wrote:

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> >Tyler Provick <bprovick_at_...> has carefully scribed:
> >
> >>No, no, I remember now. There we two Scytales. One was a face dancer who
> >>plotted against Paul, and almost killed Leto and Ghanima. The other Scytale
> >>was a Tleilaxu master several million
> >Million? Shurely Shome Mishtake?
> I know Leto II was around for a couple million, and then there was the
> famine times, then the scattering, then the post-scattering, and then a few
> years over the two books. SO yeah, several million

If I remember right that was two thousand years plus another
fifteenhundred during the scattering. It was a while since I read the
books though....
> Tyler
> >> years later. And yes, the Tleilaxu
> >>Master Scytale was a clone, all Tleilaxu Masters are, because they clone
> >>themselves for a longer life, after Paul discovered how to revive the
> >>memories of a Ghola. The clones were called clones because the tissue was
> >>taking from a living person, as opposed to the Ghola, who was grown from
> >>dead tissue
> >

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