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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 16:33:36 +1100 (EST)

> What do you mean, if you fire the wave and it hits a hill
> it stops? or a forest? I'm pretty sure the rules say it goes through
> everything, correct?
        It will roll over a hill ( had one cretin arguing that it actually
went THROUGH the hill and that it could pass under units.....sheesh)

> > As to speculative fire - forget it - if something is in forest , even if
> > you have a spotter (flyer) you cant barrage it (kind of goes against what was
> > said in WD
        Ooooops maybe it was in the titan legions rule book - I remember seeing
something about barraging the middle of forests using an airbourne spotter.
> the WS, period. Are your opponents really so afraid of them that they
> target them with warp missiles? How many are you taking? I agree WS
        It has been known to happen (though shokk AGs are the method ive come
to know and loathe the most.....Ive never taken more than 2 units of WSs.
> flying high can spot them and either call down indirect barrages or
> shoot at them (or both). The WS is not a skimmer so fast units can
        'Oh but then ill have to take flyers and shitty barrage units (I think
as we dont allow allies (and noone plays IG) that this limits the choice to
whirlwinds (and not much choice for orks)' like my heart bleeds - actually
having to take units to counter a threat - well I never..... :).
> reach it early on and pin it in CC. Getting hit by the wave does not
> disrupt a model's ability to fight in CC (according to Andy & Jervis).
        First few games we played that it did - thought it was too gross and
ever since have been playing it in the JJ&AC way - although we play that it can
 still push titans round (going with the GoF ruling and the Q&A ruling about
titan shields not affecting warp-based (as opposed to psychic) effects).
> etc. etc. You've got some high-strung opponents.
        Only 1-2 , most of them are pretty easy going.

> What ruling is this? Doesn't the thawk rules say you bring
> them on as needed in your movement phase?
        Check Allan's (Allen's (sp?)) Q&A theres a ruling on this.
> I don't understand this one. Snap-fire weapons can shoot
> at anything they can see that moves past their field of vision during
> the movement phase. What could be clearer than that?

        OK imagine this ,...... R=Rhino F=firestorm

        F RRR start


        R end

With those rhinos keeping in a perfect line, moving in a circlearound the
firestorm - you never get LOS except on the nearest one and as such cannot
fire at the other 2 (having to assign all your dice at once).
Fortunately most of my opponents are much more realistic about the paths
their units have to take.....

> > Oh yeah usually
> > no battlegroups -
> That's nice to see.
> > and almost always no titan objectives
> Does anyone actually use these anymore? Horribly unbalancing
> (Free titan with every 2 you buy! AND a chance at free VPs!!!).
        Thats our problem with them - the armies without have problems and those
 with the BGs are virtually forced into taking one or more *snore*.....
> If you don't know your opponent's army composition, how
> can you tell if it's legal or not? Or if he's using it legally?
> This would be a big problem facing IG, who have such strict rules
> about what unit can go where depending on who its commander is.
        Trust largely (though with one or 2 players it sometimes gets a little
 suspicious how regularly no unit gets broken until its mathematically
impossible for all to be unbroken. It leads to things like ork nobs running
different clans. I think theres only one case where an army has been found
to be illegal (an excess of 1 support card - ie no big deal). No one plays
IG regularly o thats not a problem - the only problem is where an army has
lots of similar units (ie 3 Marine Cos or Legions) or in the case of ork clans
and these armies get a real advantage where armies that often only have 1 of
a type of unit (ie ME :) ) its easy to see where everything belongs.
> Sounds to me like your playing group is more competitive
> than friendly.
        Again its one or 2 people mainly - we just as a group wanted a standard
set of house rules (so there wouldnt be arguments everytime 2 different
players played) unfortunately this means the lawyers among us had to
have a fair bit of input into these......
> How boring. Doesn't he ever try anything different?
        Rarely and usually the difference will be in the order of 10% or less
of the entire force (ie maybe a termie det itstead of some trolls )
> > The basic tactic is to use the few bigger guns to take out snap fire units
> > (in conjunction with empty t-hawks) ,
> How do you handle Thawks? As written or with the 'normal'
> flyer rules? As written, they can be seen by everything on the board,
> which means you could set your snap-fire up behind cover on your
> back line, immune to enemy fire and still able to shoot down the
> thawks.
        Ooops a house rule we forgot. We came up with set heights for high
level and t-hawk level (1m and 30cm respectively)) and try to work out what
can be seen - ie put that snap fire unit next to a building and theres gonna
be a big area it cant see.....Although working LOS can be a bitch at times.
> For one thing, his tarantulas are useless unless you move
> into their range, which is only 75cm. A sit back and shoot army
        Umm he's happy to site them at the start (usually 2 pairs of 2 on
the set up line) and leave them on FF covering as much ground as possible.
It seems that my units with 75cm guns all take way too much damage (in terms
of points and VPs exchanged) dealing with them and the 100 cm guns are too
a: rare b: vulnerable to deal with them effectively.For example the last tempest
 host I took , on the first turn 2 (later found to be empty) thunderhawks
charged my 2 firestorms. This was followed by 2 more t hawks (full of marines)
which jumped over the screens of bikes and promptly killed 5 of the 6 tempests.
.... easy to become disillusiond when this stuff happens(sometimes moving
first can suck). Second turn he moved first and ran the surviving squads
into some trees to avoid my bikes where they temporarily got an objective
and did a little more damage before being wiped by some aspect warriors.
1 Thunderhawk got shot down leaving the other moved to a position
wheer it blaster a firestorm later in the turn ( a stuff up in siting units
on my behalf - damn the FF only rule....).
> Using Titans and tempests to fire everything into magnus (or some
        Pity only the 100cm guns usually get into range and Crystalline body
makes using pulsars dodgy :(.....Also with tempests Magnus usually moves
so that he can only see/be seen by one - which he then dispatches in the psychic
 phase before it can do jack - the injustice of it all :( .
> can't break them)) Prism Cannons, prism cannons, prism cannons.
        Love em - usually take some - maybe I should take more but then again
we get to the cheese threshold of taking too many of a unit......

> the only problem is the lance's short range.
        You said it - along with the price of a warlock titan .......

> and outclass him, except for magnus. So get rid of Magnus, and
        Always difficult - but i try. And I dont necessarily outclass him.
With the exception of Titan BGs which we usually never use the Warlords and
Reavers can match individual Phantoms and Warlock T's. Tarantulas and
Land Raiders can pretty much match it with most of my 75cm units.......

> From what I've heard Doom Weavers are only useful if
> you take more than one unit.
        Something to make him think twice about using that big plasma weapon
on the Warlord if its there, also great when used in conjunction with WS's.

> The exarchs are almost always worth it. The ability to
> move 40cm and fire 75cm in FF is just too damn good. Screen them
> with a unit or two of swooping hawks on charge orders (my friend
> Eric thought that one up).
        Hey I like them its just that youve got to be REEEAL careful with them
one unforseen stuff up and there goes 4VP if you can avoid the command rule
or get them into CC theyre easy to a - shoot to death b: nail with a chaos card
(or hive mind card against tyranids - ive only heard about termigants and
 acid blood - urrrk!)
> Yeah, but they also generally fail to accomplish anything.
        Still I feel the occasional need to brush the dust off the hunters -
then they do nothing and I dont use them again till ive forgotten how useless
they were :).

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