Re: [Epic] how to beat chaos

From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 16:42:37 +1100 (EST)

> By what? I'm not understanding how he has enough long range stuff ot do that.
        Occasionally land raiders a titan or Magnus. More commonly they get
charged by a Thawk, waste their shots on it and then get jumped on by a second..
Doomwings clean them up fast too (on the occasions they turn up).

> If you're playing eldar, then you have very fast tanks. Definitely don't
> forget your wave serpents. Load up one side of the board, blast the heck
> out of everything over there, then shift. Other fast, useful units might
> be: Disc riders (chaos vs chaos, obviously), predators and land raiders
> (aren't the speediest, but I've seen them work), gyrocopters, scout titans,
> eldar titans, and, of course, thawks (fight fire with fire).
        Hey a scout co. in 3 thawks would be my first choice of allies, however
we dont allow allies..... Hope the rumoured Vampire is going to be good....
> He has to move tarantulas off the starting line unless you advance. Stand
> back and shoot. Put two falcon companies on the line on one side of the
        Except for a few units the same applies to me :(. The swiss cheese
rarely eventuates (this is one army thats really adept at staying in or behind
 cover. On our boards theres usually quite a bit of terrain...

> I hope that helps. I'm not trying to be a butthead.
> Temp
        Youre not succeeding in being a butthead either :)
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