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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 10:25:32 -0500

Miller, Chris wrote:

> >> Very true, but I don't think the word "extort" is used in reference
> >> companies other than GW. At least, I haven't seen it used against
> other
> >> companies, and this is not the first time I've seen it in reference
> to
> >> GW.
> >
> ><snip-o-matic>
> >
> >I have seen it applied to TSR, Fasa & Wizards of the Coast.
> >
> >TSR: The whole AD&D vs AD&D 2nd Ed vs D&D and which of these dozen
> books do
> >I
> >really need to play? Not to mention their (in the "glory days of
> TSR)
> >x-thousand
> >modules in x-hundred game worlds.
> ------> Been awhile since I've seen TSR called this. The 2nd ed
> changeover started in 1989
> (can it really be that long) and didn't change that much as far as
> making old stuff
> unuseable, other than the rulebooks themselves. I think this is
> actually
> a pretty good example
> of how to upgrade a system without screwing things up too much.

Assuming you didn't have a party of an Assassin, a Monk, a Thief
Acrobat, a couple of Barbarians, a LN Caviler, a Druid and 2 Bards that

Yeah, I was in a strange game. 100% of our characters was made illegal
or had MAJOR changes by 2nd Ed AD&D.

Given that, I do think that 2nd Ed AD&D is far better than 1st ed.

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