Re: [Epic] SM2 -> E40k Orky injustice

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 10:41:47 +1100 (EST)

> IMHO, a better solution would be to give the LR 2FP instead of
> 2 AT shots, just like the Falcon has. They were about equivalent in
> SM/TL, though 3FP wouldn't be unreasonable, since it was better at
> shooting things on open ground than the Falcon, and shot as well as
> two of my Dreadnaughts. It fixes the LR problem, and the other armies
> can stop complaining about the dreaded Land Raider without proposing
> an escalation of power. (Hey, I do it too!). I mean, if the more
> accurate, same strength Lascannon on the Falcon doesn't qualify for
> AT, why should the Land Raider? IIRC, it's no meaner to be shot by
> than a squad of Dark Reapers w/ Exarch (2 pairs of Lascannon and a
> bolter?). I can see the problems with popup AT though, so I'm not
> really advocating the other fix, making the Falcon have an AT shot...
> brr.
        Eldar already get popup AT - from both one of the Vaul Engines and
from the Fire Prism (fortunately the FP can only be taken as support).
However compare the Land Raider to the Falcon - the falcons 2 FP usually ends
up giving 1-2 dice which needs a 6 to hit the LR compared to the 2 shots at
4+ the LR needs to hit the Falcon. Even compare the LR to the Predator or
Lemann Russ - its so much better value its not funny. The problem with
just modifying the LR is that we do have other things to consider though.
Vulnerability in CC - well the Land Raiders still about the best in CC of the
medium tanks.
Marines have no war machines. Well the Land Raider is probably better value
in shooting than most war machines - especially considering that an imperial
superheavy or engine of Vaul costs enough for 3 LRs. They may have been given
(ok an overly generous) price break to make up for this. Then again Ive never
been a big fan of price breaks on various units. It leads to problems.....
General balance - of the Land Raider is THE best medium tank by a long way. But
do the other medium tanks really cut it at their current values? The LR points
really cant be considered in a vacuum. Overall I think that the army lists are
THE weak point of E40k. A LOT of changes probably need to be made here. Other
units such as Bloodthirsters are also underpriced for what they do. But thats
a typical GW problem.....The worst thing with both the LR and the BT is that
Marines and Chaos respectively can literally make whole armies composed out
of these units (ok youd certainly want SOME other stuff but theres no real
restriction on the units in question here). You basically are asked to rely on
your opponent being reasonable enough not to take too many.....
That said the easiest way to fix things is to modify the most problematic units.
For the LR - either increase its cost - if its the best of its kind by a long
way then a price of 40-45 would reflect this. OR as suggested above , drop its
price to 30-33 and change its guns to say 3FP or 1AT. As for the Bloodthirster
looking at what a bunch of 6-7 would do do an imperator with even a small
amount of support for the BTs..*eeeek*.They would probably best be limited in a
way other than points (ie redo the demon detatchment so the BTs are taken
as commanders - in which case even if they are 28 points (rather than the
considerably higher value which they are worth) you couldnt take enough of them
to make the discount a problem.......).
                                                just my rant
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