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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:38:41 +1100 (EST)

> assaulting troops? (I'ts silly that bikes can drive troops out of
> buildings)
        Yup thats silly - most of my opponents wouldnt allow an assault by
bikes unless the troops were on the edge. Strangely though with troops in the
middle of a building , while they cant be shot at they probably could get
involved in a firefight......

> Another thing. Hi L.R.'s were'nt so effective this time. On their first
> turn
> on the board, they did kill six of my tanks and dammaged a Revanant
> (there were 10 LR's), but then it stopped. I pounded them with what vas
> left,
        10 isnt bad at all. Heck as gross as they are you have to accept that
they are an important unit to the marines. Basically consider each one taken
as say 5-6 free points to the Marine player (ie theyd be close to fine at
around 40 points). As long as he doesnt get say more than 40-50 free points
per 1000 it should be liveable (barely). That means about 20 LRs in a 2500 point
 game and I wouldnt complain. Go too much higher and Id probably want a little
talk after the game requesting it be toned down the next time :).

> Note: If your opponent dos'nt have W.E., then Cobras are a great waste
        Definately - theyre good at killing the smaller titans (WH's especially)
 and would probably so fine against opposing SH tanks too.
> of points. Scorpions on the other hand, are great against LR's. I can also
> recommend including a Wave Serpent or two in all det., 'cept for bikes.
        Yeah theyre not too bad. Just remember because of the war engine
movement rules (so much for the fluff about how maneuverable eldar and Bug
WE's are) its hard for them to run from LRs. SO unless youre popping up
first turn youll shoot and kill just under 2 LRs. He'll advance in the assault
phase and second turn may just see him getting shots off on OW at you. The
Scorpion should still win but may well end up under half DC remaining.....
        Better solution - support platforms......
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