[Epic] skimmers and avoiding getting shot

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:25:11 +1100 (EST)

>Alan E & Carmel J Brain <aebrain_at_...> came forth and spoke
>> This gives Land Raiders a value of 36. close enough. But:
>> Falcons: 18,33 points. not quite correct......
>You have to add quite a bit for 'skimmer'. 50% I think.

>That'd be fair enough; the Skimmer player, if good enough, could stop
>the Land Raider firing at the Falcon, thus preventing him getting any
>hits anyway.

        How so? According to the new rules the Land Raider owner can merely
keep passing until the falcons have popped up and fired. At which point the
return fire should be more than sufficient to trash a bunch of falcons (ie
considerably more than the number of Land Raiders kileed). Ok if the LRs choose
to shoot at something else first then the Falcons wont get shot back. But then
we're talking about ganging up on X points of LRs with more than X points of
stuff (Heck you only get 5 Falcons for the price of 4LRs). Gang up on anything
with enough points and youll kill it.
        Engines of Vaul however , assuming they pop up cant be shot at by
regular vehicles - only war engines (they cant hit you with much but what
they can hit you with is going to hurt.........).
        Basically for normal vehicles skimmer=fires first + better mobility
assuming you use them well. Heck if the opponent takes a bunch of artillery you often cant hide behind cover without grouping your stuff so tightly that they
become a ripe target.
        Actually now that I think of it the one way falcons would have a
chance is if they move last so as they stay behind cover. Then pop up at a range
 such that only a small part of the LR det is in range (and in range of most
of the falcons) so the falcons kill the closest LRs so none are left in range
to return fire. Hope you know the difference between say 42.5 and 47.5 cm.....
       Yes skimming is an advantage - but 50 % ?............thats harsh in
many cases (although Id say one of the fairer match ups in the game is
predators vs falcons.......).
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