Re: [Epic] skimmers and avoiding getting shot

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:19:21 +1100 (EST)

> > I dont like it so much. It may well degenerate into a battle
> > has the most (albeit small) units. If the eldar player say has 4
> > groups of falcons while the marines have say 2 larger groups or LRs.
> True, BUT the eldar player doesn't want his detachments too small. Each
> wiped out detachment is an additional d3 morale loss nowadays.
        Very true - but maybe that means that skimmers are even LESS powerful
than they might first seem. (Note I think I started on this when someone
suggested skimmers should add about 50% to the value of a unit ). Ok maybe
not imperial skimmers , but eldar skimmers would be affected if an Imperial
player decided to take advantage of a rule like this and played with small
dets of Land Raiders.(ie the scam would only work really well in one
        I was going to mention the problem with small eldar dets originally
but I must have forgotten it. Thank you for adding that point.
        Thats always annoyed me a little with Eldar - 5 Strategy is great but
the d3 loss (well its not THAT big - dets getting wiped often seem to have 5-6
Bms on them anyway - an extra 1-3 is annoying rather than deadly) combined
with the enforced small unit size (ok I dont think Id ever want to take 30
falcons in one detatchment but.......) hurts a bit at times. At least it goes
along with the general flavour of the GW universe.... It would be nice to see
another army with some negative special stuff though :). Just dont pick on
the orks......
> Regards,
> - Erik
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