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From: Philip Charlton <philipc_at_...>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 10:43:52 +1100 (EST)

> I suggest that movement regarding broken
> units be taken immediately upon breaking.

I think all movement should be done at the same time. Just say that units
on "fall back" orders don't count for holding objectives. I have a faint
suspicion this might be in the TL rules, anybody know?

> crack under the strain you dont get any free rides as far as Vp's, also
> broken units may never claim objectives by be within 15 cm of them. Of
Do you mean "broken" as in (a) more than half destroyed or (b) on fall back
orders? I agree with this if you mean (b).

> Secondly, it bothers me that units away from any command unit can easily
> regroup if the morale roll is made, not that it cannot be done, but it
> should happen under stiff penalties. This also encourages proper use of
> HQ units as ralling points( as well as give them a more useful role ).

That's what the base morale value is for! HQ stands generally give a bonus
for this. Don't forget that there are squad leaders and platoon leaders in
the detachments.

> Thirdly, certain feats really need guts to accomplish. Charging a tank
> or other troop stands is what your trained for, but tackling titans ,
> super heavies, and greater deamons- I think at least some morale checks
> are in order! maybe even at a penalty.

Ok, maybe a morale check at the base morale level could be required to engage
SH's, Titan's, etc. I don't like the idea of penalties.
> Fouthly, is firing at a unit that charges you a given if you have first
> fire orders? doesn't it require disipline to accomplish such a task?

Definitely should be allowed to do this without a test!! The only thing I
would like to see changed about charging and FF is that command units
should not be allowed to engage in CC and FF in the same turn, but that's
not a morale issue.

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