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From: Scott Shupe <shupes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:27:25 -0500

John Chapman wrote:
> In the case of a war machine losing a fire fight (and naturally not
> running) if , on the next turn , either the WM or say opposing infantry ,
> wishes to move in the movement phase , snap fire can be used to stop either
> group either moving closer , further away , or in case of the WM rotating..
> Am I getting this right here? Had a case recently where a Warlord wanted to run
> but on reading the snap fire rules it seemed to be a little ambiguous here
> (one interpretation effectively only allowed snap fire to affect units moving
> closer....)

        There's a bit at the end of the Battles book where AC says
something about snap-fire not applying if you're moving away. As
far as WEs turning, that's not actually moving closer so I don't
think there should be any snap-fire shots against them in that case.

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