Re: [Epic] Snap fire

From: Jesse Oechsner <fade_at_...>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 16:03:18 -0600

Scott Shupe wrote:
> There's a bit at the end of the Battles book where AC says
> something about snap-fire not applying if you're moving away. As
> far as WEs turning, that's not actually moving closer so I don't
> think there should be any snap-fire shots against them in that case.
Sounds good to me. I have a similar question. What happens when a war
machine loses a close assault? I think the rulebook says that it doesn't
have to flee. Does that mean i't _can't_ flee but isn't destroyed for
moving at least 15cm away from enemy models? What happens then? When the
turn comes around, can the war machine fire on the models still in base
base contact with it? We said it could. I just wanted to know what you
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