Re: [Epic] Epic 40 K newbie in need of help

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 14:31:21 +1100 (EST)

> 3 Aspects w/JP + Exarch 5 Aspects w/JP + Exarch
> 2 Aspects w/JP + Warlock
> +25 HQ
> This is one of the nastiest close combat det.s ever seen. A move of 30/45
> and a CC factor of 48 with 2 psykers. Some tyranid units envy this. The
> only problem being that it is still only 10 bases with 4+ armor. They dont
> take fire very well. Use a coule of vampires to drop them on the other
> guys backline and you can cause some major havoc. Even if you win every
> fight your combat effectiveness will drop fast as you take casualties so
> dont try to attack with one or even just 2 of these detachments.
        For 2 extra points I dont know why the warlocks dont have exarchs with
them too.
        That brings up a point in 40K whats the usual aspect warrior to exarch
ratio? Im finding my armies tend to range between 7-1 to 4-1 (ie btw 2/3 and
all (rarely) of my aspects get exarchs. (yes I lose sleep over this sometimes
:) ).
> Harlequins have some possibility also. The GreatHarlequin and ShadowSeer
> both have a CC of 8!!! Put a bunch of these in some wave serpents and go a
> stompin.
> have not played with the Phantom or Revenant yet so have no idea how good
> they are. They look good on paper but you never know.
        Phantom - add a CC weapon and if you can advance through cover you
have the ability to trash an awful lot of titans in CC. Ive had imperators
running scared.....The down side is that CC will often kill you too. As long
as you target warlords and Imperators 1-1 trades look good. I usually upgrade
the phantoms to warlocks.
        Other titan weapons - pulsar - the 60 range is good. Still,only getting
d6 AT shots each pulsar is worth just under 2 Land raiders of shooting power...
and the LRs go first...
D Cannon - really only worth it against war engines - more specifically ones
with shields. Theyre especially effective at taking down warhounds but against
normal troops one shot at somewhere btw 2 and 6 plus is pretty poor...
        Revenants - the same thing applies with pulse lasers as does the
pulsar - even more so. Even worse you dont even have the 60 range which lets
you sit back and avoid all those 45cm shots your opponent has.
        Ok the important bit - damage capacity. I might be unlucky but as soon
as any reasonable amout of firing is directed at the titans they fall apart.
Sure they have a 2+ fixed but with 5 armour and being a war machine units with
FP rack up a lot of dice - 1/12 of which are going to cause crits.
        I had one titan shot at by 4 marine HW stands on OW. 3 shots hit ,
all 3 went through for a critical - end of titan. Sure they dont get knocked
down like other shields but every hit is scary(and I hate how many go through,
its probably just me but Ive seen about 1/3 hits penetrate rather than the
expected 1/6 - maybe my luck will change tomorrow).
 On the up
side eldar crits do a little less than on imp titans (will probably take 3
to kill a phantom). Also in CC your holofields may save you while the oppsing
titans shields wont help it. For a revenant a holofield is probably better
protection than the 2 shields on a warhound (for shooting Id rate a holofield
as being about 3-4 void shields worth of defense).
        Basically eldar titans are good CC titans (with high assault for their
points and good move and holofields) but average gun platforms. I think
theyre best as short range war machine killers but maybe a mix of cc weapon/
pulsar is best to give some long range ability too. Of course if your opponent
doesnt take many war machines the CC weapon is a waste.......
        Just a few thoughts
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