Re: [Epic] Skaven: NOT WD 217 free gift!

From: HornedRat <HornedRat_at_...>
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 18:40:29 EST

 <<> By the way the skaven are the "strange things" in the pyramids on
> gorkamorka. GW is just finishing up the stats and new items for them. Yet
> again I was assured that they will be out no later than a half year but
> I think about a year. >> don't think so. First of all, Space Skaven would be one of the
most horribly stupid things GW could ever do. It'd be Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles all over again. And completely unoriginal. And, being that the
Necrons have been confirmed, and seem to have an Egyptian thing goin' (someone
described one as having an ankh on it), I'd think that the strange signal
coming from Angelis, and the pyramids, would have something to do with the
Necrons. And, of course, there's a picture of a Necron head in one of the
Gorkamorka books. Space Skaven. LOL. I'd trust GW never to be dumb enough
to make that mistake. Maybe a very rare, localised, form of rat-like
Beastman, but not an entire race that's able to threaten other armies....and
happens to be called the Skaven. Space Orks are bad enough, but they're
already an established part of the 40k universe (and not just animal-men).

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