Re: [Epic] Void Shields / Holofield Nonsense

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 10:57:57 +1100 (EST)

> 1) A Revenant titan taking 1 point of damage from 47 firepower (yes, 47.
> I got about 15 hits).
        1 Point ? ... youre saying that the critical roll was a 2?.........
Hmm lets see 47 FP=about 36 shots which = 12 hits on average. Thus on average
a revenant should have 2 hits go through it-which will kill it more often
than not.The chance of the holofields avoiding all 12 hits is a little over
11.2% . The chance of it taking as hit and surviving adds a little more to
that value I guess.
        Comparing that to other titans with shields - ok a warhound (the
VS titan with vaguely equal points to a Rev) would have lost both shields
and then gone BOOM. A reaver would probably have lost its shields and taken 2
hits. A warlord or Imperator would have had their shields stripped and no
hits. A Phantom would have taken 2 Crits (2 Crits well youd expect it to
survive that a lot of the time but it would be damaged and usually with about
2 hits left....). Gargants with 5 armour and shields would probably be pretty
sick too......
        Ok you were unlucky with the revenant. Thats the nature of fixed saves
vs a number of hits avoided (shields). You could have just aas easily had
a day like my Phantom did a month ago a few devastators on OW did 3 hits - ALL
went through (BOOM). Eldar players need to pray on EVERY hit - but sometimes
when the luck is good Phantoms are nigh on indestructible (On Saturday 3
CC phantoms at close range only missed a 1 critical save (and this one only
managed to roll about 5 - hurting a pulsar ) after soaking up fire
from a wrecked (4FP) arty battery , 2 Warlords and an imperator (one warlord
subsequently died in the following CC , (2 Phantoms couldnt get to the CC
because of BM problems but a large group of Harlequins killed the imperator
(8 hits , 2 Crits - one of which did a double 8 for 12 points........) and
got almost wiped out in the process. sorry its the first time Ive killed an Imp
- had to share it).
 Also the Holofields do more
for a Revenant than 2 VS's do for a Warhound (even with the different armours
considered). However a Phantom has no better protection than a Revenant (while
the larger Imperial titans DO get better) and only survives longer because it
has a higher initial DC (and a slightly less vile critical table). Normally
Id say 3-4 void shields roughly equal holofields in effectiveness against
shooting (given the armour values as is). Holofields DO however help in CC
which is a big plus.

> 2) A Gargant being destroyed by a Phantom Titan's weapon batteries- the
> Pulsars consistantly missed.
        Arent you glad you were facing an opponent with 5 armour rather than
6 like an Imperial?......Having said that with the exception of 1 attack my 9
pulsars had and average of just over 2 AT shots per blast on saturday - not
good. The one effective attack was when 3 EoVs rolled up a 15. Sadly the only
 thing in range was a reaver who was down to 2 hits (and the 15 dice only did 4
hits anyway !)
> 3) 3 AT shots missing completely- on Overwatch.
        Hey thats only about a 1/64 occurrance like its not a regular sort
of thing but every 4-5 games (if you take a lot of AT stuff).......
> But it's about point 1 I really want to write. Who says Holofields are
> only worth 6 Void Shields?
        I dont know anyone.....Most people I play with (Ok theres only 4
regulars) think theyre worth considerably less than 6 (outside CC).

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