Re: [Epic] Orks hitching a ride

From: Dirk Vormann <DVormann_at_...-Duisburg.DE>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:31:00 +0100 (MEZ)

> a) Are Speedstas, Flakwagons and Squiggoths considered Battlewagons for
> hitching rides ? (As in being able to transport 1 Ork stand)
By the letters of the rules they are not.

> b) Can only infantry units hitch a ride or are Big Guns also allowed to be
> transported ? (They would be towed instead)
Big guns ARE infantry. (Am I right? Do not have my armies book here.)

> c) Does an infantry unit have to dismount at the end of a phase or can they
> stay mounted during several phases ?

> d) When a transport with Orks hitching a ride on it, is shot at and
> destroyed, are the hitchers also destroyed (ouch...), or are the hitchers
> destroyed instead (gimme more Gretchins...), or is this resolved like units
> being transported inside vehicles ?
Transported units leave the transport after the move and can not move
further, so they should not be shot at while hitching a lift.

> e) When an infantry unit is dismounted during the assault phase, does it
> still have to move 5cm towards the enemy ? ('cause dismounted units are not
> allowed to move...)
The whole det moved 5 cm towards the enemy. Hope that will satisfy the

> f) Can an infantry stand be dismounted and placed into close combat ? I see
> it already : Battlewagons with Nobz hitchers assaulting towards the enemy,
> just stopping 1cm from the enemy, to dismount their (effective) assault
> troops...
Sure. That tactic is used regularly against me :(

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