Re: [Epic] Capitol Imp.

From: Dirk Vormann <DVormann_at_...-Duisburg.DE>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 19:27:37 +0100 (MEZ)

> Also due to the HUGE size of the cargo bays, I don't think a movement
> penalty should be put on troops entering or exiting the CI.
For IG infantry ok, but do not give this to Assault Marines (Jump Pack).

> The main weapon should be a SHW, a mega cannon seems too wimpy. I still
> like the idea of a long range death ray used to weaken city walls when
> assaulting.
If you want to represent the Defence Laser from SM1 use a Mega-cannon. If
you want to represent the SM2 CI use short ranged weapons.

> The secondary weapon batteries should either be high fp batteries (fp=8)
> or a combination of Fp and AT (maybe AT=2,fp=4)I prefer the homogeneous
> batteries myself.
AT shots may make it to powerful.

> Assault I think should be 15, it has a lot of close defense, but isn't
> the deadliest thing. I think its strength lies in its survivability.

> On the down side of things, I think it should always count a stationary
> WE, because it is HUGE.
Dangerous. The whole thing MAY be unuseable because of this.

> I was looking at the mini again, and you can easily fit 3 infantry
> stands ontot the roof, therefore O think three appropriate stands
> (including weapon platforms) can fire from the top as if they were part
> of the CI, ie. fire in the WE firing phase.
Nice idea

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