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>> An army consisting of GD's and Titans WOULD be different wouldn't it?
>But hardly realistic - Titan armies are the speciality of the Titan Legions.
>The traitor Titan Legions have been scattered throughout the cosmos and will
>probably never again band together in large numbers.

Actually, most of the surviving Traitor Titan Legions fled to the Eye of
Horus where they still exist, according to the flavour text. There are
still more than enough surviving Titan Legions in the Eye of Terror to pose
a very serious threat to the rest of the Galaxy but like the Traitor Marines
they are only waiting for the right moment to strike again. Remember, over
half of the Titan Legions took the side of Horus and alot of them survived
to flee into the Eye. Not at full strength mind you, but they ARE still a
serious threat.


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