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From: Philip Charlton <philipc_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 12:20:10 +1100 (EST)

Regarding retaining the current company cards, I'm in favour of the idea,
but I would like to see the Chaos army reorganised along the following lines.
(Note that I do play Chaos, but other Chaos players may not like my ideas
because I'm trying to cut down on the huge choice that Chaos has, and
reduce randomness)

Chaos should be organised like the other armies with Companies (which I would
call Warbands instead) and support cards.
For example:

        Chaos SM warband: 3x5 detachments CSM (5 stands) + Chaos Champ
        The current legions would be represented by unique cards with a
        slightly increased point value.

        Beastman warbands and Cultists should be as the appropriate IG units.
        I'm not sure about this, as Beastman companies are hard to come by!
        Perhaps we could have mixed warbands eg. 10 cultist stands, 10
        beastman stands + Chaos Champ, or even some minotaurs or trolls.

        Each company has up to 5 support and 1 special, where support is
        the same as it is now EXCEPT that Titans are no longer support

        Special cards are now Titans, Greater Daemons and Chaos Champs.

Different rules:

Chaos Champs should be command stands.

I suggest that the morale immunity for GD's followers and morale check
for destroying GD's be abandoned, instead Chaos armies are effectively
led by Chaos Champs. Also, we should abandon Chaos Cards and let GD's either
have a fixed save OR multiple wounds like large Tyranid creatures. GD's with
wings should be skimmers. Bloodthirsters should have a psychic save.

Titans and the Lord of Battles should be available only as special cards
- it makes no sense to me that I can have a Chaos army consisting of GD's
and Titans.

Rhinos should only carry Chaos SM's.

I would like to see Thunderhawks disallowed completely, or made into special
cards (I know there will be howls of protest from Chaos players here, but
remember, this is all strictly IMveryHO. It's mainly because I want Chaos
to be *different* from the Space Marine army. I think TH's should be SM only.)

Hmm, that's all for now, any comments?
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